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AEN METAXA – Sculpture





INOMO stands for bespoke furniture and design solutions out of the ordinary.

Our goal is to create tailor made spatial arrangements where our client’s creative vision aligns perfectly with their needs.

Visionary yet uncomplicated, INOMO fiberglass [GRP] solutions transform your ideas into unique furnishing and design objects. 

Contact our in-house team of experts and see your ideas, no matter how ambitious they may be, become true in the most cost-effiecent and timely way.





INOMO Studio focuses on innovation, unique ideas and intelligent materials. We provide, together with a team of collaborating architects, interior planners and product designers, solutions for your private or corporate space from the initial conception to the final, tailor-made production.



Our Method

Our in-house design team along with our GRP experts and craftsmen will be available, on any given project, to produce a clear and comprehensive cost analysis, workflow and timeline, for contractors to approve. The project will then head off to the production phase and—once complete—shipped to the construction site in manageable pieces, where our team of specialized installers can proceed with the completion of the project. Our intention is to create an effortless process for architects and contractors; one that can allow them to bring their designs to life in a cost-effective way, minimizing complications.



Why Fiberglass

At INOMO we do not take decisions light-heartedly. GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) has been selected as our primary and exclusive material thanks to its malleable and enduring qualities. Its unique physical properties allow it to be easily molded and manufactured to meet almost any specification, thus counts as one of the most favored material choice of most architects and designers.

Resistant to water, sun and light, but also more affordable than any other alternative in any size or quantity, fiberglass is an ideally versatile material to implement advanced parametric design with, as it transforms into liquid forms efficiently, outperforming competitive materials like corian and wood.  

Smart, enduring and high-end, INOMO’s GPR designs become sculptural furniture that define space and add value to your unique corporate or living space identity.


More than a creative studio and better than a production company, INOMO's heart and soul is our holistic approach to realizing furniture ideas.

Our team of creatives and skilled craftsmen work hand by hand to create unique furniture ideas seamlessly.

With 40 years of experience and unique product care services, INOMO provides intelligent furniture solutions on every scale ensuring innovation, technical know-how and uncompromising durability.

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